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Why Sign Financing Matters

Financing signs (or financing signage, for those who want to get official sounding), is one of the more common aspects of equipment financing. And to be honest, in my eyes, it’s a very smart use of credit, especially for small and medium businesses. The reason it’s a smart use of credit ties to the (lack of) immediate return… Read More »

Equipment Financing 2015 – Hot or Not (Part 1 – Hot)

Every year, I like to take a look at what’s hot (and not) in equipment financing. I like this because it presents a big-picture look at industry and the economy in general. And more than one person has written me saying they invested based on what’s hot (or not) in industries looking for equipment financing (this makes a… Read More »

Equipment Financing and Section 179 – the Profit Equation

This is a topic I have previously touched on, but it’s worth repeating at least once a year, because every time I mention it to businesspeople at a party or social gathering, they are almost always amazed. It’s fairly simple in general – if you combine equipment financing / equipment leasing with Section 179, you can actually buy… Read More »

Fletch Predictions for 2015

Ok, we’re a few weeks into 2015, which means it’s time for Fletch Predicts!! I’ve been doing this for a few years now, and have had an uncanny ability to get extremely lucky with some really “out there” predictions (I will forever hang my hat on that Eli Manning thing, to the point where I’m mentioning it every… Read More »

Equipment Leases – The FMV Lease

As readers know, I’ve done several posts on equipment leasing and different types of leases. And that continues today with the FMV lease. The FMV in FMV Lease stands for “Fair Market Value”. It’s also sometimes known as a “true lease” in business circles, probably because this structure was likely the original thought behind leasing. An FMV lease… Read More »