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What’s NOT Hot in Equipment Financing in 2018

My last post talked about what was hot in the world of equipment financing in 2018. Now let’s do the opposite and talk about what isn’t hot. The last time I posted about this, I cited brick and mortar retail businesses as a whole as not being hot, and sadly, that trend continues. While I find it hard… Read More »

What’s Hot in Equipment Financing in 2018

This is one of my annual posts about what’s “hot or not” in the world of equipment financing. I could start with the obvious joke that Fletch himself is always hot, but Mrs. Fletch always laughs at me when I go on that tangent, so I’ll refrain. Ok, let’s talk about what’s hot in equipment financing. And at… Read More »

From the mailbag – What’s NOT hot in equipment financing…

The last post I did was about what’s hot in business trends / equipment financing, so it’s logical to follow that up with a post about what’s NOT hot in equipment financing. These posts were a response to an e-mail question from a reader who thought that an equipment financing specialist would have good stock tips. And while… Read More »

From the mailbag – What’s hot in equipment financing…

We’ll take a quick break from the vendor/lender equipment financing relationship and answer an interesting e-mail I got the other day. John writes: Hey Fletch, do me a favor. Because you write equipment leases, you probably know business trends better than most. Can you tell me what industries are hot or emerging so I can have a clue… Read More »