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Hurry up and wait Part 3 (is it really better to wait?)

I’ve been talking recently about how companies tend to wait until some arbitrary date / time period to purchase / finance new equipment. The reasons are varied – from “use it or lose it” budgets to putting expenses on last month’s / last quarter’s report to making a grouchy accountant less grouchy, and so on. One thing is… Read More »

Section 179 – back again

Ok, it’s been awhile – I can talk about Section 179 again. Because it’s back, baby!! Just this week, congress passed a job-creation / tax cuts bill that’s aimed at rewarding businesses who hire new people. Called The Hiring Incentives to Restore Employment Act (or HIRE – clever, huh?), it seeks to give tax breaks (in the form… Read More »

Some things to consider when choosing an equipment financing company.

Right now there’s a lull in economic news to write about, and I’ve already recently reminded you about Section 179, so we don’t need to revisit that for at least a few days. And since the home repairs, my life has gotten a little boring (going on a cruise soon, though, so I’ll be back with details.) So… Read More »

Cornered at the family reunion (or, why we don’t finance equipment for startups.)

Family reunions are interesting. Especially with my family. One of the fun things about any family reunion are those fringe relatives that you really don’t know, but have a vague idea about them and what they do. And vice-versa, of course. To give an example of what I mean, I have 2 cousins who never really see each… Read More »