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Year-End Section 179 Reminder

Here we are, at the end of another year. Hopefully, we’re all brimming with holiday cheer and the good feelings that this time of year always brings. And hopefully, you’re planning to use Section 179 for 2018. Because like all years, the Section 179 tax deduction will expire at midnight on 12/31. And for 2018 (and beyond), the… Read More »

November 2014 and Section 179

I wish I had better news to report in terms of Section 179’s limits. But I don’t. It looks like we’re going to ride the year out with a $25,000 maximum deduction. Yes, there could be a post midterm election surprise, but time is running out, and congress has never been known to act speedy. In fact, “time”… Read More »

A final 2012 Section 179 Plea

This is it folks, the homestretch. If you want to use Section 179 for 2012, you’d better buy (or lease) your new (or new to you) equipment by midnight on 12/31/2012. Actually, it goes one better than that – you have to have the equipment installed / put into use by then. So just “buying” the equipment isn’t… Read More »