Using Equipment Financing to Keep Pace With Your Competition

By | March 3, 2022

Next up in our series on “reasons to finance equipment in 2022”, let’s talk about using financing to keep pace with your competition.

fast equipment financing

No matter what industry we are in, we always keep an eye on our competition. Which is smart – while we all like to think we’re “it” in terms of our industry, that isn’t true, and not only does your competition exist, there will be customers who prefer them. It’s normal.

But one thing that isn’t normal, and can be prevented, is someone preferring your competition because they have superior equipment and can offer more / better / faster service. 

Let’s use a simple example: we have two competing tree services. They both offered the same general services – they have bucket trucks and guys who climb. They both have nice chippers and dump trucks. Pretty even.

Then one day, one of them gets a large telescoping crane – a crane capable of plucking a full (cut) tree out of a backyard and bringing it out to the street – all without the wheels ever touching the property. Yes, this is a thing.  

That’s a HUGE service advantage. To remove a backyard tree, the company with the crane can largely leave the entire property unscathed. Plus, the job can be completed much faster. 

The company without the crane has to drive the bucket truck into the yard (messy), manually cut limbs (messier), and drop them into the yard (messiest of all). No matter how careful the “crane-less” company is, the yard will have scars. Plus, the job takes much longer as well.

So, once customers know this, who do you think gets the call from higher-end jobs where limited property damage is extremely important?  

The company without the crane, if they want to keep pace, needs their own crane, and they need it fast. And unless they have cash burning a hole in their pockets, financing a crane is what they must do. And there you have it.

If you get wind of a game-changing move by a competitor, and this move involves a piece of equipment you don’t have, fast, fixed-rate financing is the way you can even the score quickly and decisively. Take advantage.

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