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Coca Cola need not read this

Get the IRS to Pay for Your Mac

OSX & Windows in One Box- A Web Developers Dream Ever since apple began using Intel Chips, their computers have been an even hotter buy for programmers, graphic designers, and most web people (other than adult entertainment.) Being able to code or design using OSX and testing with parallels and windows puts everything you need for the web… Read More »

Residuals (continued)

In a prior post, I covered the difference between apples and oranges and how oranges taste so much better. Never mind that was on another blog, I did however cover the differences between a lease and a loan, and as promised, I wanted to clarify some of the common residual types. In review: A Lease by definition must… Read More »

Free Money

Is there such a thing as free money??? The answer is simply, yes and no. Not so simple right? Well what in life is? Ahhh, the sounds of 4th quarter – every good (and not-so-good) sales rep is making that final year-end push – and if you watch any amount of TV at all, you’ll start to see… Read More »

I’ll Pay Cash

Expanding on Lack of Capital from an earlier post, the question remains “Why pay cash?” The truth is, while money is “cheap”, paying cash is like digging an early grave. From the bank’s perspective, if a customer has a low 4 figure bank balance and is asking to borrow a moderate 5 figure sum, the applicant will either… Read More »

Financing a Small Business Start-up

With stats ranging from 50% to 80% of new businesses failing in the first 5 years, how can you increase your chance of survival? Having worked in commercial equipment finance for many years, I have sorted through my fair share of start-up applications. Imagine, if you will, a mountainous eyesore of unprepared hobbyists who are willing to risk… Read More »