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Coca Cola need not read this

I’ll Pay Cash

Expanding on Lack of Capital from an earlier post, the question remains “Why pay cash?” The truth is, while money is “cheap”, paying cash is like digging an early grave. From the bank’s perspective, if a customer has a low 4 figure bank balance and is asking to borrow a moderate 5 figure sum, the applicant will either… Read More »

Financing a Small Business Start-up

With stats ranging from 50% to 80% of new businesses failing in the first 5 years, how can you increase your chance of survival? Having worked in commercial equipment finance for many years, I have sorted through my fair share of start-up applications. Imagine, if you will, a mountainous eyesore of unprepared hobbyists who are willing to risk… Read More »

Section 179

Before you start scratching your head while scrolling down the page looking for sections 1 through 178, I am referring to the US IRS Tax Code. It’s day 2 of the 4th quarter rush and a lot of the new recruits have no idea why it gets so crazy in the office during this time. Most of the… Read More »

Fast Financing Options for Small Businesses

Cash flow is essential to the life of any business, large or small. In simple terms, the proper allocation of cash resources makes it easier for a business to flourish. However, when revenue generation is at a lull, a business may need to seek funding options to ensure steady growth without interruption. Luckily, these days, there are many… Read More »