Last Call for Section 179 for 2017

By | December 21, 2017

Year-End-Equipment-Finance-DealsThis will be my last post for 2017. And besides wishing you all a great Holiday season and New Year, I also want to point out that the time for using Section 179 for 2017 is growing short.

If you want the Section 179 deduction for 2017, you have until midnight, 12/31/2017 to buy and have the equipment in service. Because once the New Year’s ball drops, that’s it – Section 179 for 2017 is over.

Let me reiterate something I’ve been saying all year – the Section 179 tax deduction is so good, that you’d be almost silly not to take advantage of it. It’s a full $500,000, and your total equipment purchases can total $2 million before the tax deduction starts to phase out. This makes it a true small business tax break – most small companies simply aren’t going to exceed that $2 million dollar cap, so it’s very likely that everything you buy equipment-wise you will be able to deduct in full. That’s pretty sweet.

Better still, if you finance the equipment, you’ll take the deduction for 2017, and not make a single payment until 2018 – this can have a profound effect on your year-end financials, and also get you needed equipment right now. For many companies, 2017 was a solid year, and using this tax deduction plus equipment financing can make it even better.

Beyond that, I do hope your December is going great. A lot of companies are really busy now, even if they don’t sell consumer-related products. Plus, a company like mine has a busy December for the exact reason I stated above – companies say “we need to spend $xx on equipment to take a deduction, so let’s get to it”. So I’ll be here until that Midnight bell rings on 12/31.

Have a great holiday, everyone, and I’ll see you in 2018!

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