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What is an equipment financing portfolio?

A few posts ago I mentioned that we had an equipment financing portfolio, and that the term would be fodder for a future blog post. Well here we are – let me explain what I mean by “equipment financing portfolio”. The truth is, every equipment financing company has an equipment financing portfolio. That’s because an equipment financing portfolio… Read More »

From the mailbag – What’s NOT hot in equipment financing…

The last post I did was about what’s hot in business trends / equipment financing, so it’s logical to follow that up with a post about what’s NOT hot in equipment financing. These posts were a response to an e-mail question from a reader who thought that an equipment financing specialist would have good stock tips. And while… Read More »

From the mailbag – What’s hot in equipment financing…

We’ll take a quick break from the vendor/lender equipment financing relationship and answer an interesting e-mail I got the other day. John writes: Hey Fletch, do me a favor. Because you write equipment leases, you probably know business trends better than most. Can you tell me what industries are hot or emerging so I can have a clue… Read More »

Tax Day Special! – Section 179 for 2011

It’s Tax Day!! One of my favorite days of the year (ok, that officially makes me a little odd, but readers of this blog already expect that – I just get giddy about financing, taxes, and all things Section 179.) So, being that it’s Tax Day, let’s expand on that last point and discuss Section 179. Tax Day… Read More »

More on Collateral

Awhile back, I posted about interest rates on loans and credit cards and such, and cited collateral as one of the influencers of interest rates. In general terms, I said the better the collateral, the better the interest rate (which is why credit card rates are so high – the collateral is terrible.) But there’s something I wanted… Read More »