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Financing odd stuff

I just had a giant tree cut down at my house. An 80’ tall White Oak – it was growing right next to the house. I figured it to be at least 100 years old (probably more). I’m not one to just get rid of something so majestic, but it always made me a bit nervous being so… Read More »

Flexibility in equipment financing

In my last blog, I wrote about choosing a new equipment financing partner, and certain things you should look for. One of those things was “flexibility in equipment financing”, and it occurred to me that this is a pretty deep topic, and worthy of a separate post. When I say flexibility, I am talking about a few things.… Read More »

Equipment financing partners are not equal

I recently talked about “captive financing” and how many companies are turning to equipment financing companies instead. Today, I’m going to stay on that same general theme, but instead talk about when you already have an equipment financing partner. Let’s say you have an equipment financing company that you partner with. For years, it’s been a cozy, mutually… Read More »

Escaping Captivity

Do you know what captive financing is? I can tell you what it’s not – it’s not taking finance payments on a kidnapping ransom (admittedly, that was a lame joke, but us equipment finance guys aren’t know for our quick wit… still, not bad for two seconds of thought!) Anyway, Captive Financing is when a company – say… Read More »

Equipment Lease Expiring? Some things to think about:

This post is for those who have leased equipment, and the lease term coming to an end… As we all know, the economy has had its ups and downs (mostly downs). Well, these ups and downs may affect companies who have leased equipment and the equipment lease term is coming to an end. Perhaps when they signed the… Read More »