Year-End Small Business Strategies for a Better 2023

By | December 18, 2022

Here we are, in the final days of 2022. It’s been an… interesting year, but we could say that for the last three years, right? 

2022 was the year of inflation and interest rate hikes, both of which I’ve discussed at length in this blog. But there’s no getting around it – high inflation and rising interest rates (which are rising to combat said inflation) have affected every business out there. 

Section 179 limits

So with that in mind, here are a few year-end strategies that can help your 2023 start off right. 

  1. Remember That Rates Are Likely to Keep Rising

I’m confident that the rates we have right now will be lower than any rate we see in 2023. Hopefully we won’t see several 75 basis point increases in a row anymore, but the scenario of “no 2023 increases” is extremely unlikely. And decreases are even more unlikely. 

This means you really can’t afford to hold out for lower rates if you need to replace machinery or make improvements. Because you will be holding out for a looong time. Which brings me to… 

  1. Do More Than Your Competition.

Think about cyclists racing – the prevailing thought is you separate yourself from others on the difficult hills, and not the flat ground where it’s easy to ride. It’s the same right now for businesses.

In a booming economy with low rates, everyone can be a competitor. But it’s in the more difficult economic times that companies really make strides and pass others. Let everyone else turtle because rates went up a point or whatnot. Demand is still strong for most industries, and the companies that can best meet that demand will be the winners once the economy turns (and it always turns).  

  1. Don’t forget your Section 179 deduction. 

Listen, I know taxes and “the IRS” are the last things you want to hear right now, but hidden within those words is the single best business tax deduction possible: Section 179.

Almost every piece of tangible equipment you bought for your company in 2022 is likely eligible for a full Section 179 deduction. And the deduction is good up until $1.08 million dollars of purchases is reached. 

For small businesses, that prettymuch means your entire years’ worth of equipment purchases can be deducted (as opposed to depreciating a small amount each year). Depending on your revenues, that can make a massive difference in your bottom line right now. And what company out there doesn’t need the money right now?

2022 was not easy by any stretch. But we’re all still here and 2023 is coming no matter what. This is what we have to work with, so let’s make the best of it. 

Happy New Year everyone! 

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