Fletch Predicts 2021

By | January 11, 2021

So here we are at my annual predictions post. Let’s forget the fact that 2020 was a terrible year for any early year predictions, and look forward to 2021. And I do see room for optimism. 

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But like always, let’s start out with the fun stuff: sports.

As I type, the NFL playoffs are going on, and to my crystal ball, I’m seeing a Packers-Bills Super Bowl. And for long-suffering Bills fans, this is your year! Yes, the Bills finally take one home.

Baseball – I’ve been on a NY Yankees kick for a while now, and they’ve fallen short every year. But this coming year, I’m going to stick with NY, but go across town to the Mets. New owners, new players, new life. And a championship in 2021. 

Basketball – how do you go against the Lakers? You don’t. Until LeBron retires, it’s his championship to win, and everyone else is playing for second. I grew up a Michael Jordan fan, and you just didn’t bet against Michael, and we’re seeing that with LeBron now. What I wouldn’t give to see these two go head to head in their primes.

Hockey – I’m terrible at this one. Let’s go with the Vegas Golden Knights. Just because it would be so cool to have the city of Las Vegas win a title. 

Now let’s get to business. 2020 was not good for many companies, with good reason. And this year, we have the wildcard of the ongoing pandemic, with vaccines getting distributed. Some people are down on the economy, but I’m not – I’m going to predict we will have a surprisingly good year economically. Here’s why: 

As life slowly shifts back to “normal” (whatever that is these days), we have a populace chomping at the bit to get back “out there”. I know Mrs. Fletch and myself are really looking forward to going out to eat on a regular basis, and I’ve stated in this blog how much I like concerts, and as soon as they start up again, Fletch is going to be there. There are millions of us looking to get back to our lives as much as possible, so I predict an almost mini-boom for an awful lot of industries. For example, my buddy put off buying a car last year. But he weathered the storm, he’s still employed, and now he’s shopping. Take that thought, multiply it by countless products, activities, and reasons, and you get a recipe for a pretty solid bounce back. That’s my thought anyway.

No huge tech predictions this year, as companies have pivoted to adjust to our new normal. Ok wait, we will see a solid improvement in collaboration tools and software, as it further cements itself into the mainstream. We’ve realized that “work from home” can be done, and I feel a lot of companies will continue some form of this at least part-time, as both a cost savings, and because employees like it. 

There you go – some predictions for 2021. Oh yea, and Section 179 got a small bump to a deduction limit of $1,050,000 (up 10k from last year.) Make sure you use it, because you only have 11 and a half months left!

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