New Year’s Predictions

By | January 3, 2010
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I did this last year, and looking back, I was right about a lot of things. The Dow finished a little higher than I thought, but the Yankees did win the World Series like I predicted (and the Red Wings made the finals.) And a lot of my other economic predictions came true in one form or another. Now, if I could only do the lottery numbers…

So here are some predictions for 2010:

  • Section 179 will stay around – there’s almost no chance it goes away, as to do so would send the wrong message to businesses in the face of a soft economy. In fact, the limits may increase as business expansion will be seen as a key issue in creating jobs (more on this below).


  • The economy won’t get much better, nor will it get much worse. But the recession is ending / has ended (depends who you ask), and we’ll settle into what is a “new” normal. As we get used to this “new normal”, upticks towards the end of the year will be seen as very welcome.


  • If nothing changes, equipment financing and equipment leasing will stay about the same as they did last year.


  • But something might change… There’s a good chance we may see some more government intervention into the economy, specifically geared towards job creation, which will probably be seen as our biggest issue. If that happens, equipment financing and equipment leasing may take on a new life.


  • I will go on a cruise in May. Yes, I see that happening (pretty easy prediction when I’m looking at the ticket receipt.)


  • The Yankees will repeat. I don’t say that because I am a fan, but because I feel that group of oldies has one more “dynasty run” in them. The Colts will win the Superbowl, the Devils the Stanley Cup, and the Orlando Magic the NBA title.


  • In the end, this will be an easier year for almost everyone than 2009 was, even if it’s only because 2009 hardened many of us.


Hope you all had a happy and safe new year, and are ready for a fresh, crisp 2010!!

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