My Christmas List

By | December 22, 2009

equipment leasing end of yearOk, aside from telling you I’m not going to write about equipment financing or section 179, I’ll try not to mention those things again. So in that vein, here’s my Christmas wish list for this year (hopefully, my wife reads this):

  • I want a new game for my Xbox (yes, I play video games too). Preferably a game without gold pieces or buying/selling items. For obvious reasons.
  • I’d really like a new desk calculator. This is something I keep meaning to buy, but I look at them at the store and say “well, mine is still ok” (despite half of the numbers being worn off.) I’m really stubborn like that. But if someone bought me one as a gift, however (hint hint), I’d be forced to use it.
  • It’s cliché, but I’d really like a new tie or two. I like odd / “cool” ties.
  • I want a globe for my office. All really nice, respectable offices have a globe in them. But I don’t have one, and darn it, I’m really nice and respectable.
  • I need a new appointment book / Dayrunner type thing. I always buy these things myself, but because I am so busy with work during year’s end (you know why) I put off buying these until mid January, which means all the nice ones for the current year are gone (much like calendars – every try to buy a calendar after January 1st? You get to choose between “Weeds of the world” and “A year of turtles”. But I guess I should look at the bright side – I now know June is high time for ragweed and snapping turtles.)
  • I don’t need any socks. Just sayin’.
  • Besides the Xbox game, the above list is fairly practical. I’ll admit that I can be a bit of a little kid during the holidays, so something whimsical is pretty neat. Especially something that’s from my youth. One year, as a goof, I got a bag of plastic army men. I have to tell you, I loved that. There are 5 lined up under my monitor right now, ready to ward off the dust balls that gather behind it. And you know what, you thirty to forty-something year old guys just smiled.

See, I went a whole post without mentioning Section 179 and/or equipment financing. But since this is probably my final post of the year, I do want to break the rule and just mention one last time that you have until midnight 12/31/2009 to take advantage of Section 179. Your friendly (and globe-less) equipment financing guy will be ready to help you.

Have a great holiday, everyone.

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