Using Financing as a Hedge Against Rising Prices, Interest Rates, and Inflation

By | September 6, 2021

2021 has been a weird year.

The pandemic is still hanging in there, but we’re moving forward to some sense of “normality”. But this normal is indeed a “new” one.

equipment financing as a hedge against inflation

Regardless of where the economy is going (and we’re quite optimistic here), it’s clear that on the whole, everything is going to cost more for the foreseeable future. 

There are many factors causing this: shortages of raw materials, shipping disruptions, a rapidly-changing labor market, and other pandemic-related factors. But (and this is good news) demand across most industries has held steady. The supply is a problem, whether that supply is goods or people to build/move them. 

And it’s simple economics that when there’s ample demand with a limited supply, prices must rise. This includes the price of goods (both new and used), as well as the cost to borrow (i.e., interest rates.)

Waiting is Costly

What this means for businesses is obvious. Waiting to buy needed equipment, be it vehicles, machines, software, servers, or anything else, means you will absolutely pay more than if you bought it right now. 

The cost of the equipment itself will be higher (both new and used). And rates will be higher too. So whether you’re paying cash or financing, waiting is costly. 

No matter what it is you are looking to buy, right now is the lowest price you are going to see, and likely the lowest rate as well.

Locking in with fixed-rate financing is easily the best way to protect yourself from paying more than you should. Again, this is simple economics.

I know, there’s an elephant in this room. I can hear it now: “Chris, you work for an equipment financing company. Of course you’re saying to finance now.”

Well, yea. But is anything I’m pointing out inaccurate? Do you truly feel prices on anything are going to drop? If you think they are, then I have a bridge to sell you (note: act now, as the price of that is going up too.)

Seriously, the die has been cast. We can argue as to the causes, but the fact is, this is our business climate, and smart companies don’t complain – they act. 

I’m writing this in September of 2021, and I strongly feel that whenever you are reading this – be it now or three years from now – today will be the lowest price and rate you will see on whatever it is you want to buy.

Despite this, I am very bullish on the future. Demand for almost everything remains extremely strong. The smart companies will do fine. 

Again, financing equipment you need (or are going to need) right now is your best hedge against rising prices and rates. Locking in is a sound strategy. 

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