Giving Thanks

By | November 22, 2010

A tax deduction reduces the income you pay tax onThanksgiving is around the corner, so I thought I’d take a moment and give some Fletch-themed thanks:

  • I’d like to give thanks to the government for realizing that small businesses needed help, and increasing Section 179. It’s definitely a step in the right direction. But it can go further. As I pointed out in another post, bringing back the ITC (the Investment Tax Credit) for equipment and software purchases would be great. Maybe 2011 brings this around.
  • I’d like to give thanks to business owners for not grabbing pitchforks and torches and revolting against the government. Yes, I know I just gave them props for the Section 179 boost, but seriously, it happened in the year’s third quarter. So it took them a LONG time to realize “hey, maybe things aren’t as good as we’ve been saying they are.”
  • Let’s give thanks again to business owners for weathering the storm that was 2010. Whew, that was tough, huh?
  • I’d like to give thanks to Webster’s dictionary for reminding me that “recovery” still means what I thought it meant. Because I have to say, it annoyed me slightly to constantly hear the word “recovery” when in fact, we were really pretty stagnant. In this day and age, “recovery” must mean “well, at least it’s not getting any WORSE.” That works in the hospital (“He stopped bleeding – he’s on the road to recovery!”), but not in the economy.
  • I’d like to thank clients who came to my company for equipment financing. We worked with as many people as we could to get them financed, and as the year winds down, I can say that I’m satisfied. It could have been a better year, of course, but we’re all saying that. And like I have mentioned earlier this year, we’re all still here. And that counts for something.
  • I’d like to thank Mrs. Fletch for putting up with me. I’m pretty tied to my work, because I like what I do, and she understands that (although she understood it even better when the pool groundbreaking occurred!)
  • I’d like to thank my readers. While I write this blog for me (I’m one of those guys who always jotted down his thoughts), it’s really nothing but blather without readers (although some would say it’s blather anyway!) So thanks.




My Section 179 Addendum

This is an addendum I’ll be adding to my posts for the rest of the year. That’s because it’s getting later in the year, and Section 179 for 2010 ends soon. If you want that new piece of equipment, and also want to take advantage of the new, higher limits, NOW is the time.