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Using Online Tax Calculators

Just like someone who can’t resist snooping Holiday gifts, there are millions of people who want to know as soon as possible how much they will get back on their taxes (or, how much they will owe, which is the IRS equivalent to excitedly opening your biggest, shiniest present; only to find it held a grow- from-home pickle… Read More »

To Whom Am I Speaking?

I called a friend of mine last night, and his 5 year old daughter answers, saying “To Whom am I speaking?” I just about busted out laughing. It reminded me of what I am doing here… who am I? And why should you care? Well the first question is easy; the second question has to do with sanity… Read More »

Section 179 Copier Example

I just read a recent post on another blog about how Section 179 was leveraged in the copy machine sales business. Special thanks reminding me of Section 179 in the IRS Tax Code and how it creates “urgency”. I’ll use his quote here. “Time is limited as the asset must be placed in service by the end of… Read More »

Leases and Loans the Difference between Apples and Oranges

Note: Because leasing has such a wide definition, for this article I am specifically talking about lease purchases (where the intent is to purchase the equipment at the end of the term.) What is the difference between a Lease and Loan? This is a pretty broad topic, but the basics can be covered in a succinct fashion. Technically…… Read More »