To Whom Am I Speaking?

By | October 15, 2007

I called a friend of mine last night, and his 5 year old daughter answers, saying “To Whom am I speaking?” I just about busted out laughing.

It reminded me of what I am doing here… who am I? And why should you care?

Well the first question is easy; the second question has to do with sanity of mind during the work day, but out loud lets just say that I enjoy educating people.

I am a credit analyst for a capital equipment finance company and have been doing this for going on eight years now. I sometimes get asked if I enjoy my job, and the truth is yes, I do.

However, most people in general have very little idea as to exactly what I do; so in retrospect I think a proper introduction is in order, especially if I am spouting out advice into the abyss that is the World Wide Web.

I wrote once in a college paper oh-so-many-years-ago that finance, next to harlotry, is one of the oldest businesses in the world. In the “official” version, I sell money by partnering with equipment sellers to be offered as a payment solution at the point of sale. In plain English, that means you come to me when you need equipment and want to finance it.

We work with a variety of industries, everything from printing presses and machine tools to being one of the few equipment finance companies that will finance prepackaged and custom software solutions.

Currently, I spend most of my days training instead of selling, and thought I could use this blog as an idea journal to both archive my thoughts as well as perhaps answer some questions small and medium sized business owners may have regarding equipment financing.