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What Is PMSI, and Why Is It Important in Equipment Financing?

When lenders finance equipment for customers, there is a concept called PMSI. I want to spend this blog explaining what it is. To start, PMSI is an acronym for “Purchase Money Security Interest”, and is very important for lenders, especially those who finance equipment purchases. Essentially, what it means is the lender who pays for the equipment has… Read More »

Reason #2 an equipment financing company is better than the bank – the Upfront Costs are lower.

We’re continuing with our “ten reasons an equipment financing company is better than the bank” series today with the second reason – and that reason is that upfront costs are lower. So there you are, contemplating financing a new (or even used) piece of equipment. You’re financing this equipment because like many companies, you’d rather keep your cash… Read More »

10 reasons an equipment financing company is better than the bank – overview

I get asked all the time about an equipment financing company (like mine) vs. the bank, and which is better. Of course, I think the equipment financing company wins hands down, but aside from my belief, I came up with ten solid reasons why an equipment financing company beats the bank if you are looking to finance or… Read More »

It’s a good time to talk about financing software

In doing our part to help the economy recover, my wife just bought a Kindle. If you don’t know what that is, it’s a digital book reader sold by Amazon.com. Basically it’s a device that lets you download and read books. Pretty neat stuff.   I’ll be the first to admit that her want for the Kindle was… Read More »