Early Morning Thoughts

By | August 18, 2009

equipment finance thoughtsRemember awhile back when I said we were getting the roof / siding / etc done and I was talking to the contractor about construction equipment financing and the like? Well, they started work today…

Now, I want to state up front that I’m really happy about this. But there’s one small problem: construction guys like to start early in the morning. Like REALLY early. Way earlier than Fletch usually gets up. In fact, since my commute is really short, I can regularly sleep later than most. But it’s hard to sleep with all that banging.

So I’ll be getting up early the next few weeks. I have to admit, it’s a little odd, as I’m out of my usual place. So I do different things, and sometimes I think different things. Here’s what I thought about today:

The contractor and I got to talking again, and he was asking my advice on Section 179 and the like. He’s looking to lease construction equipment again, and wanted to know what the limits were, what type of lease he should get, if he could lease construction vehicles, etc etc. I was really happy to help him, because sometimes, construction guys make me feel really inadequate. I mean, I’m a decent home repair guy – I can do plumbing and electric and all that, but putting on a roof isn’t something I’m tackling. But this guy – hey, that’s what he does. But then, he comes to me with equipment financing, leasing, and section 179 questions. Because hey, that’s what I do.

As we were talking, my lawn guy came (I wrote about him earlier this year too), and he had to work around the contractor’s guys. And it just occurred to me as I was out there, an hour before I’m usually awake, that we all have our professional roles that we play. My contractor does building, my lawn guy does really good landscaping, and I do equipment financing and equipment leasing (and occasionally write about Section 179 too). And we all work for each other when the time comes – nobody is an expert on everything. I need my roof done, I call the contractor. I need the lawn done (and the back of the hedges trimmed so the contractor could do the siding easier), I call the lawn guy. And when they need construction equipment leasing (or, say, commercial lawn tractor financing, in the case of the lawn guy) they call someone like me.

No real point to this except that I found it interesting this morning. Have a nice day (yawn…)

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