Dangerous Equipment

By | June 1, 2008

It’s a story as old as time itself…

One day, some guy in his garage came up with “the ultimate destroying machine.” A couple weeks later, his neighbor came up with “the ultimate destroyer of the ultimate destroying machine.”

Modern weapons – and the weapons that destroy those weapons – are only gonna get harder, faster, stronger, quieter and scarier. Here’s what the evil geniuses have been up to…

The World’s Most Dangerous Mechanical Handhelds

Nothing says “don’t mess with me” like a good old fashioned big honkin’ gun, right?

Auto Assault 12 (AA12) Shotgun

One of the most dangerous shotguns ever developed, AA-12 is a fully automatic and fires upto 6 rounds per second (that converts into 300 rounds per minute). Can you imagine the destruction it can do in just a few minutes?

It’s a shotgun. A semi-automatic or fully automatic SHOTGUN. Hello?! Can you say NUTS! You can load any kind of round that you can load into a regular shotgun – including the Frag 12 armor piercing grenade round.

Made from high-impact plastic and corrosion resistant, high impact stainless steel this mighty machine doesn’t need lubrication. Rounds can be fed from an 8-round box magazine, 20-round drum mag, or 32-round drum mag, and it’s light enough even a little woman can handle it and stay on target!

Barrett M82 (Also know as Barrett M107)

When it comes to accuracy, this one has no rival. The Barrett M107, a .50 caliber is a shoulder fired, sniper rifle. It weighs about 14.5 kg and has a shooting range of 2km.

They are fitted with glass mount and folding backup iron sights, should the glass scope break up. Having manageable recoil it fires 12.7—99mm NATO cartridge which can penetrate hardest of materials including most common building material.

No doubt this is one of the more controversial rifles compared to the best .308 rifle as it can easily rob anyone’s safety.

AR-7 Rocket Launcher

Known to be the only handheld rocket launcher, this is surely the one for mass destruction. Its magazine contains 8 rounds of standard rocket of 1.5cm diameter.

The latest model has advanced features like electronic timer for automatic firing. Its self-propelled projectiles split into several bursts upon being fired. They’re also looking to make a guidance chip standard for it.

Clearing the Way

Sometime around 5:30pm today, you’re gonna wish you had one of these babies. Although, they’re definitely not anything to be toyed with – these machines say “get outta my way!” with extreme prejudice.

M1A1 / M1A2 Abrams Main Battle Tank of US Army

Manufactured in later half of 1980s M1A1/2 these are ideal carrier when you want to run in and conquer the foreign territory. They are often equipped with equipped with mine plow and mine roller attachments. The plow has several blades to dig out the mines and push them out of the tanks path.

Weighing more than 61ton, powered by 1500 HP engine this can move at a crisp pace of 42 miles per hour. It has armor thickness 24 inches (610 mm) to resist all kinds of attack.

The main armament on this tank is a 120 mm smoothbore gun which is loaded manually and has a multi-mode electronic sensing fuse for effectively battling out armored vehicles, personnel, and low-flying aircraft. It can also carry of variety of machine guns as secondary armament.


Introduced in 1996 this 60 ton tank is specially modified for mine clearing. They have metal mine rollers on the front to remove mines.

The Panther also includes Standardized Teleoperation System (remote control system) which allows these vehicles to be operated from a safe distance, preventing injury to military personnel involved in this extremely hazardous mission. The brief case size remote control system has a pain button also to halt the vehicle immediately in emergency situation.

It latest variant Panther II clears about 50,000 sqft. minefield in an hour and can be operated from a distance of 2600 feet.

World’s Best Goalkeeper

They call it goalkeeper and rightly so, it holds the post well. This auto-canon radar system is used on ships to protect them from missiles and ballistic shells. It is also deployed to protect airfields. Developed in Netherlands in 1979, the goalkeeper has a dual search and track radar system, working in conjunction with each other. The search identifies the target and the track decides the priority of the threat. Once search & track is over, it destroys the threat within seconds using a GAU-8/A Avenger 30 mm gun.

This one won’t be easy to penetrate; goalkeeper tracks upto 18 targets as once and takes only 5.5 seconds from automatic detection (starting when target is within 1500 meters) to kill (ending before the target is about 300 meters away).