Let’s Go Shopping

By | May 28, 2019

When I was a kid, my grandparents would come to visit every other month or so. It was always a treat – they’d bring bags of goodies, there was always a festive meal, and best of all, my grandfather would take my siblings and I to the store and give us $10 to spend.

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To my 11-year-old self, $10 may as well have been a limitless fortune. It felt incredibly freeing to have $10 to spend. I could buy a ton of candy, a magazine or two, a toy, and still have money left over.

I still feel that way today at certain times, particularly when I have some extra money and I go shopping for “Fletch Stuff”. There’s just something about having the funds to buy both what you need, and what you want. And maybe even have enough left over for a little extra.  

This Is Exactly What Equipment Financing Feels Like

You need new equipment for your business. And when you know you have ample funds to “go shopping” with, it changes the entire dynamic of your equipment purchase. No longer are you constrained by cash on hand, and no longer do you have to settle for a lesser model due to cost.

Even better is when you have an equipment lender who will finance MORE than the price of the piece of equipment – this allows you to buy attachments, add-ons, optional modules for software, maintenance agreements, training, installation… everything you need.  

Crest Capital has made it easy to get a good idea if you can “go shopping” – our pre-approval tool has been used by thousands of companies, letting them know they can be a kid in a candy store, just like I was when I was 11. It’s a really good feeling.

And like my last post mentioned, businesses who sell equipment would do well to offer financing. Give your customers that same feeling my grandfather gave me, and let them shop till’ they drop!

Fletch out.

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