What "They" Don’t Want You to Know

By | April 2, 2008

bank alternative lendingI mentioned a few weeks ago that equipment financing companies (or equipment leasing companies, if you prefer) will finance equipment of all kinds. Almost anything that a UCC can be filed on can be financed.

So that got me thinking, and I looked back and found some of the more obscure equipment that I’ve seen financed. Now keep in mind that none of this equipment is off the wall and it’s not like we financed Dyrilinger Fuel Breaker Rods (the green ones, not the red ones) for Area 51 or anything like that. Not at all!

But ok, here are a few of the equipment financing deals I’ve seen go down in my career:

  • Generators for solar and wind energy production
  • Pontoons for cranes to float along rivers (dredging equipment)
  • Roll off containers for large scale refuse collection
  • Fencing for cattle ranches
  • Hummers for rail-road track maintenance and equipment
  • Conveyor system and belts for underground coal mining
  • Crematorium equipment (for…well, you know)

While the above may not seem all that obscure, most of them probably are to a bank. The bank may finance the cattle ranch itself, but just a fence for it?? That might be a stretch (although when you think about it, we’re talking MILES of fence here.)

Essentially, the point is that equipment financing companies are definitely favorable for just about any type of equipment financing you need. No matter what type of equipment you need financed, you definitely won’t hurt yourself by at least asking an equipment finance company.

Ok, I have to go. There are some guys dressed in black at the door. Wonder why they are wearing sunglasses inside?…