Why October is a Great Time to Finance Equipment

By | October 12, 2017

4th QTR Finance EquipmentTrick or Treat, everyone – it’s October. And it’s a great month to finance equipment.

(Ok, you know I have 12 answers to the “what is the best month to finance equipment” question, but indulge me, because it all makes sense. Thanks.)

Anyway, October is a fantastic time to finance or lease equipment. Here’s why:

  1. Helloooo 4th Quarter – Yup, it’s the 4th quarter. You now know (or strongly suspect) how your year is going to end. And for many of us, it’s going to end on a positive note. So given that, if not now for new equipment, then when? And if your year wasn’t great, if you finance equipment now, you can likely get a “no payments until 2018” deal, meaning maybe you can turn things around with some new gear (and get a jump on next year.)
  2. Section 179 is Powerful – I mentioned “no payments until…”. Now, imagine how great it is when you combine that with taking a full Section 179 deduction THIS year. No payments, and a full deduction. That’s pretty sweet, no matter how you look at it. Yes indeed, Section 179 gets very interesting this time of year, doesn’t it?
  3. There’s Great Stuff Out There – Nobody wants 2017 models now, right? Except smart businesses who know they can get great deals on them. If you’ve had your eye on anything that has a “model year”, get cracking and look for deals on 2017’s. They are out there, and sellers are getting desperate to move them.
  4. Halloween is This Month! – This has nothing to do with business (unless you make costumes or candy, of course). But Halloween is a great time of the year – it’s the official kickoff to the holiday season (more on that next month.)

So yes, October is a great time to finance equipment. It’s not a trick – go treat yourself!

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