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Why Financing Lab Equipment Matters

Fletch always has his ears open to equipment financing talk. And almost everywhere I go, be it the supermarket, the ballgame, or even to get a blood test, I more often than not come across an equipment financing “issue”. I guess my ears are simply tuned to it. Case in point: Last month, I went for my annual… Read More »

You Still Have Time for Section 179

Here it is, the last call for Section 179. As long as you buy the equipment and put it into service by midnight 12/31/2016, you’re in for that fat Section 179 deduction for 2016. As you likely know, the Section 179 Deduction was raised to $500,000. And it’s generally good for most capital equipment. This means for most… Read More »

Fletch’s Wish List

It’s December, so let’s do a holiday wish list. Here’s what Equipment Financing / Section 179 loving Fletch wants: The first thing I want is for every business to take advantage of Section 179. Whether you financed equipment or not (and you know I’m a big fan of the financing/Section 179 combo), you need to get this in… Read More »

Why Financing Horizontal Directional Drills Matters

Nerd alert: when I was a kid, a movie that stuck in my mind was a schlocky 70’s film named At The Earth’s Core, starring Peter Cushing. It was filled with strange monsters and such, but one thing that really piqued my interest was the giant “drill” type vehicle they used to get there. My friends and I,… Read More »

Fletch Hits a Home Run (and a Three Pointer!!)

Every year, in between equipment financing, Section 179, and other business-related money talk, I make a few predictions every January. Here’s what I said back then: Baseball… History will be made this year when the CUBS WIN THE WORLD SERIES. I like the Mets a lot too, and they have scary pitching, but it’s been 100+ years for… Read More »